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The objective of Market Építő Zrt. is to maximise Clients' assurance in selecting the Company for the implementation of their investment projects, and thus to boost Clients' competitiveness in their own branches of industry. To this end, the Company's management and employees do their utmost to ensure that the name of the company is linked to real values of commitment, reliability, flexibility and expertise.

Main Endeavours:

  • To raise organisational efficiency
  • To retain the level of turnover and business, and to raise them at a steady rate
  • To continuously improve staff expertise
  • To further increase client satisfaction and establish long-term working relationships
  • To apply comprehensively the ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
  • To apply comprehensively the ISO 14001 Environment Focused Management System
  • To apply comprehensively the ISO 28001 Health and Safety Management System at work
Scheer Sándor
Chief Executive Officer
Mikusi Róbert
Deputy CEO
Sütő Balázs
Deputy CEO
Wolf András
Deputy CEO
Báthory Balázs
Deputy CEO
Májer András
Technical director
Szabó Dániel
Technical director
Juhász Zoltán
Technical director
Metka Márton
Technical director
Suga János
Deputy CEO
Jasper Zoltán
Technical director
Bajnok Sándor
Technical director
Kiss István
Technical director
Farkas Norbert
Technical director
Baumann Gergely
Technical director
Keszthelyi Kristóf
Chief engineer
Riskó Zoltán
Technical director, building services
Karcag Kristóf
Chief engineer
Pintér László
Financial director
Takács József
Director of Tendering
Puszta Laura
HR Director

dr. Lévai András
Legal director
Kállai Tímea
Head of accountant
Blahut Edit
Office manager


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