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Company profile

When Market Építő Zrt. was founded in January 1996, we set ourselves the goal of combining professionalism, dedication and the power of experience to become a valuable and valued construction company that not only performs and builds but also means reassurance, precision and security for its Customers. By now this company, whose core business is main contracting and general construction, has become a leading building construction enterprise of the Hungarian building industry sector. Together with its subsidiaries, Market employs over a thousand people, and its name has come to stand for professionalism, quality and reliability also by international standard.

Over the past 25 years, we have implemented more than 730 facilities and have built something in every corner of Hungary. Our total sales revenues exceed HUF 1040 billion, or close to EUR 3.6 billion.

Our supreme value is our people! We are proud of our colleagues who, bearing in mind the expected quality, realise the ideas of our Customers with the utmost responsibility and creativity. They give the very best of their knowledge, at all times, to everyone. This is how we build, together, as a team.

The quality of our work gets confirmation time and again with the recognitions of the different construction industry and architectural organisations. With over seventy professional, business and employer awards, our company is unique in the industry. Some of these: In 2007, we won the Employer of the Year award in the corporate category in Hungary, in 2018 we were recognised as the best company on the TOP200 chart of the weekly Figyelő, and in 2019 we earned the title of "Contractor of the Year".

In addition to dynamic, guided, continuous development, we have always considered it important to maintain professional standards, to take conscious responsibility for our environment, and to strictly adhere to occupational safety and health rules. That is why we have implemented and comprehensively use the ISO 9001 quality management, the ISO 14001 environmental management, the MSZ 28001 health and safety management and the ISO 50001 certified energy management systems.

Our knowledge increases, our experience expands, but our commitment remains the same. Our devotion is our trademark: WE LOVE TO BUILD.

Sándor Scheer

Founder-Co-owner, Chief Executive Officer



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