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In our main contracting projects we can provide the most cost-efficient construction solution of the buildings by also preparing the plans of the project to be implemented. Keeping the planning and construction task and the responsibility for them in one hand is also a reassuring solution for our Clients.  We strive for creativity, accuracy and quality.

General construction means the preservation and renewal of the quality of our built environment and the high-quality realisation of the expectations of modern architecture, as well as the professional construction of projects that pose engineering challenges. For us, this is a commitment, because as a professional company we contribute to making our country and our immediate environment more beautiful and liveable. We do all this with great dedication and passion. Building construction is often identified with dirty, large-volume works. But there is also a much more sophisticated area of construction. The interior design of the spaces, the display of spectacular and harmonious design elements or the preparation of demanding details are as serious a task as the implementation of a large-scale engineering facility. In addition to the high quality expectations placed on ourselves, our aesthetic demands also require us to offer exquisite work performance.


Market Építő Zrt. engages not only in general construction projects, we also implement many projects in the capacity of main contractor. Given our extensive network of contacts in the architectural and design professions, we are in a position to involve qualified and experienced designers in the project in accordance with the function of the building. The design task can even begin with the preparation and approval of the building permit designs. Construction costs are controlled as early as from this first step. Naturally, the construction working plans, additional trades permit plans (such as fire alarm, water utilities, etc.) are also parts of our task. Due to the excellent relations with the competent authorities, the coordination of the permits and the time of obtaining them can be calculated with certainty. At the end of the project, the preparation of the as-built drawings, as part of the handover documentation, will also receive special attention, as the existence of accurate and true as-built drawings is absolutely essential for professional and smooth operation. If we are also hired as main contractor of the project, the responsibility and guarantee for the compliance of the plans also remain with Market Építő Zrt., which means we provide end-to-end guarantee to our Clients.


Synergies for the security of performance

The flagship of the Market Group is Market Építő Zrt., whose work is assisted by several subsidiaries, and thus the efforts of more than 1,100 professionals guarantee the high-quality of workmanship and the security of performance.

Property Market Kft. is a subsidiary of Market Építő Zrt., specialising in real estate development. Their first project is the BudaPart project to create a unique quarter of the 21st century in Budapest, across the Lágymányosi Bay, in an area of about 54 hectares.

Lean Tech Mérnökiroda Kft. has the responsibility to create attractive, efficient, sustainable architectural and engineering works, to provide high-quality and flexible services to clients in the field of architectural and engineering design and expertise. The design firm has comprehensive knowledge and takes advantage of the wide-ranging benefits of BIM modelling.

OKM Kft. has the core business to implement drainage systems and underground construction works of diverse industrial, commercial, logistics and warehouse facilities, schools, public buildings residential parks and settlements, as well as road construction and earthworks.

Moratus Szerkezetépítő Kft. is a key actor in the Hungarian structure building segment. The Company has sixteen years of experience in the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures

Vilati Szerelő Zrt. has the core business of building electrical construction.

As the specialised electrical subsidiary of Market Építő Zrt., they participate in the most significant investment projects countrywide.

Our foundation of Market Épületszerviz Kft. was aimed at providing maximum service for our Clients. This is because our work does not end with the technical handover of the buildings, but if defects occur during the warranty and guarantee period, we will handle them in a professional and correct manner.

MCM Beton Kft. was founded in 2016, at the beginning to supply in-situ concrete for the BudaPart project at the construction site, thus reducing the environmental loads and ensuring an efficient supply of starting materials. By now, the Company has five concrete plants to serve the Market Group.

PREbeton Zrt. will assist the Market Group as a precast concrete prefabrication and rebar plant. An important milestone in Market’s development history was the establishment of its own factory for the production of standardised concrete products and closely related raw materials.

Valép Padló Kft. is an experienced concrete foundation slab manufacturing company of the Market Group. The company has several businesses, such as screed, industrial flooring, polished flooring lines.

Inerttt Kft. continues to successfully implement the plans in the way of the professional provision of inert waste material processing and recycling assistance, thus strengthening the environmentally conscious operations of the Market Group.



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